High Impact Leadership Training is an intensive leadership training course for smart managers and team leaders to help them make an accelerated transition to an effective people manager by shaping the way they think, behave and execute. Participants will gain confidence and a new perspective as they learn how to lead and manage others.

  • High potential talent, newly promoted managers/team leaders and experienced managers who need to refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • 1.To understand the role of a leader/manager and how to master this role effectively To equip new and potential managers with skills and tools to lead and manage a team To learn how to get results through others by establishing direction, motivating peopl
  • Participants will learn how to : set direction and align the team, use different leadership styles, motivate and influence others, use conflict management skills, develop team members and delegate effectively, provide feedback & coaching, build trust & cr
  • Exclusive certificate

In-House Training

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